Sunday, 12 June 2011

Say NO to Nazi Bands in north London!

On Saturday 25th June, the Slimelight club in Islington will host a concert featuring bands with a history of fascist and racist links.

Love Music Hate Racism approached the Slimelight management, asking them to cancel the event because we believe racisma nd fascism have no place in our community. Hosting such events gives encouragement to racists and violent thugs everywhere.

Slimelight have refused to cancel.

Slimelight’s owner, May Uan Mak, insists the gig must go ahead, despite knowing the history and views of the bands, saying: “These bands do have clear fascist connections... It would be impossible for me to deny that” and “art can be fascist too. The fascist language can be just as powerful as any other language.”

Tony Wakeford, founder of the headlining group Sol Invictus, was an activist in the National Front. Since then, he has taken part in initiatives supporting the extreme right. He has often worked with known fascists, such as Michael Moynihan, who published a book which celebrates the random killing of Jews and mixed-race couples. One member of his band, Andrew King recently released a recording of a song with lyrics about “monkey men” and “only the smell of blood will smother the smell of subhuman dung”, and concludes: “you’ll never kill the Aryan soul... White man was born for battle”?

We believe that the majority attending the gig will not be racists or fascists, nor
be aware of the extrreme right wing links shared by Sol Invictus and their support acts.

This is certainly the case for most people who use and enjoy the venue on other nights.

We appeal to those fans to join Love Music Hate Racism, anti-racist groups, trade unionists, local activists and the diverse community in Islington in condemning this concert.

We believe that such associations are reason enough not to allow this concert to go ahead. We also believe that the vast majority of Slimelight fans reject the vile
beliefs of racists, and we call on them to join us in telling Slimelight to cancel the


Islington South Labour MP Emily Thornberry says: “It’s a shame and a disgrace that these peddlers of poison are playing in Islington. We have a proud history of tolerance in this borough”.

Contact Love Music Hate Racism on 020 7801 2781 or email to get involved, or just come to show your support and help keep our streets racist-free.

Slimelight (Electrowerkz)
7 Torrens Street, Islington
Saturday June 25th 7pm