Monday, 11 October 2010

UAF North London Public Meeting - CHANGE OF DATE

Dear All,

Due to a number of events happening in north London on the Monday 18th of October, the UAF North London Public Meeting will now take place the following week, on Monday 25th of October at 7PM.

The Venue is unchanged.

Tottenham Chances, 399 Tottenham High Road, N17 6QN

We continue to build for the National Demonstration against Racism and Islamophobia on November 6th.

In the past week the Green Party have endorsed the event, joining the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Muslim Council of Britain. This broadening of support is of vital importance to the success of the demonstration, as is your support.

The scenes in Leicester this weekend clearly demonstrate the need for unity in the face of racism and Islamophobia. On Saturday the English Defence League descended on Leicester, attacking Police, Journalists, and Black and Asian people. The EDL have held over 30 demonstrations nationwide this year, bringing hate and violence with them. Over 800 local anti-racists joined the UAF demonstration in Leicester, with many more having to protect their community and places of worship.

We must not be complacent. The EDL and the Nazi BNP will not go away if we ignore them, we must show them that we oppose their poisonous ideas. November 6th is our chance to build momentum in the campaign against racism and fascism.

Contact UAF North London to get involved. We hope to see you at the public meeting.

Friday, 1 October 2010

UAF North London Public Meeting


MONDAY 18th October 7PM

Tottenham Chances

399 Tottenham High Road

N17 6QN

Racism, Fascism, and Islamophobia are persistent threats to the unity of our communities in North London. We have beaten back the Nazi BNP in Barking, and continue to oppose the Racist English Defence League nationally. However, the economic crisis is seeing scapegoating on the increase. Immigration controls, deportations and further attacks on the rights of asylum seekers is being encouraged by the media and politicians alike. It is of vital importance that we continue to show our unity and oppose intolerance at every turn.

On Saturday 6th November Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Hate Racism, supported by the Muslim Council of Britain and the TUC, will coordinate a national march and carnival against racism, fascism and Islamophobia in Central London.

North London UAF will hold a Public Meeting on Monday 18th of October at Tottenham Chances to bring together all those who would oppose these evils in society. We must defend our multicultural community, our individual freedom to worship, and not be divided by hate and intolerance.

All are invited to attend. Also, we require volunteers to leaflet and staff UAF stalls, please contact for more information.