Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fighting the BNP in East Finchley

For anyone living in the East Finchley area, get involved with Kirk Unity

The BNP have stolen our spitfires!

The BNP have been preparing for their forthcoming European Election campaign and as part of this they have once again taken advantage of British history for promotional purposes. This time they’re campaigning under the slogan “Battle for Britain” using Second World War RAF imagery.

This has already seen the threat of legal action from Dame Vera Lynn, as the BNP are marketing an album of Second World War classic songs, including “White Cliffs of Dover”. Research has now revealed the album also includes contributions from black singer Leslie "Hutch" Hutchinson, as well as the composer Irving Berlin, bandleaders Bert Ambrose and Joe Loss and comedian Bud Flanagan, who were all Jewish. A more multicultural mix than the BNP may have realised.

They are also using a photograph of a Second World War Spitfire as the main image for the campaign. If this wasn’t already overstepping the mark, hijacking such an iconic image for party political purposes, the Spitfire in the picture – “Romeo Foxtrot Delta” is identifiable from its “RF” marking as belonging to 303 Squadron.

303 was a Polish squadron.

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SWANLEY: Supporters gather for anti-BNP rally

AN anti-British National Party rally is set to take place in Swanley this weekend after the far-right party won a Sevenoaks District Council by-election.

The meeting has been organised by Julian Wilson, who is a member of the The Tonbridge and Hastings Socialist Party.

Various political groups have been invited including the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

Alan Bullion, who is from the Liberal Democrats, is attending the rally.

He said it is to show to people the dangers of voting for the BNP party.

Mr Bullion said: “It is going to be a rally raising awareness of what is going on and the dangers of voting for the BNP.”

He added that he does not believe the BNP offer any long-term protection from the economic crisis.

The protest has been organised following the BNP's shock win in Swanley St Mary's ward last Thursday. (February 19).

Paul Golding won by 76 votes, after standing for the first time in the Sevenoaks area.

Supporters will be meeting at 11am on Saturday (February 28) at The Mall in Swanley town centre.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Unite Against Fascism National Conference 2009

The Unite Against Fascism National Conference took place last week in the TUC conference centre.

Speakers included: Ken Livingstone, Glyn Ford MEP, Edie Freidman JCORE, Dr Abdul Bari MCB, Billy Hayes CWU, John McClure - Reverend and the makers, Weyman Bennett UAF, Sabby Dhalu UAF & NAAR, and Martin Smith - Love Music Hate Racism.

The conference began with an overview of how we can fight the fascist BNP, the main auditorium was packed with an eclectic mix of people, differing in race, gender, age, sexuality, religion etc. The opening speakers discussed the relationship between recession and the rise of fascism.

Workshops were organised into smaller seminar rooms, with the following themes; Racism and rebutting myths, Music against Racism and Fascism, organised by LMHR and Campaigning against the BNP in the European Elections.

The workshop I attended focused on a strategy for combating the fascist BNP in the forthcoming European elections. The discussion proved insightful and inspiring, some very dedicated people and from trade unions and community organisations detailed how they were fighting back - I was impressed by their knowledge and determination.

The final meeting saw hundreds of people cram into the main auditorium once more. We heard from Ken Livingstone, Peter Hain MP, Wes Streeting (NUS President), Mark Serwotka (General Secretary PCS) and Martin Smith (LMHR)

The speakers made historical comparisons with the fight we face today, with Peter Hain MP and Martin Smith both involved in the precursor to UAF, the Anti Nazi League. They spoke passionately about the work of the UAF and how important that it is to organise and defeat the fascists once again.

Organise locally and nationally and encourage people to vote, the overarching strategy of the UAF is just that. Get people to vote in your area. This could mean setting up stalls, selling newspapers, knocking on doors to ensure people are registered to vote and are going to do so. The fascist BNP do not have wide support and with high voter turnout, they will not gain positions of electoral office.

All speakers advocated that the fight should be led from the left and discounted the idea of a 'centre led' fight against the BNP as nonsense. The idea of encouraging people to tactically vote was also dismissed; we simply have to get people to vote for anyone but the fascist BNP.

We are many, they are few. A sentiment that emerged from the conference which, will run through the European election offensive and beyond.

What next?

  • Regional conferences in the South West, Stoke, Yorkshire and Humberside and the Midlands

  • National Days of Action – 4/5 April, 2/3 May, 30/31 May. Involving leafleting and campaigning in our city centres against the BNP


Monday, 23 February 2009

Lets get organised!

European elections are now only a few months away, lets stand up against the fascist BNP and urge people to vote.

Anyone who wishes to get involved and stop the BNP from representing you in Europe, please feel free to drop an email to for further details.

Excellent news! The BNP have cancelled their planned march in Liverpool.