Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Only 8 days left till the general election!

In the last few days we need one big push to make sure we have done our best to stop the Nazi BNP making any gains in the upcoming general and local elections. Please come along to at least one of the events on the list and send me an email to say what you can come to.

Thursday 29th April - 9.30am "Love Marmite Hate the BNP" at the Royal Courtsof Justice, nearest tube Holborn. Unilever are taking the BNP to court re the Nazis alleged use of the Marmite brand in their recent party political broadcast. The fascist BNP have called for their supporters to attend as Fuhrer Nick Griffin will be heading up the Nazis' 'defence'. Lets join together in a show of unity against them polluting our streets with their hate. Please spread the word and bring banners,

Friday 30th April - 5.30 pm leaflet Finsbury Park tube for gig (if you can do your local tube, I can send you the leaflets to print off)

Saturday 1st May - 11.30am UAF Day of Action in Turkey Street. The BNP are standing an MP for this area, we need to show that they are not welcome. Meet at 11.30 am at Turkey Street station, we will have a stall outside the station where people can help. We will also be leafleting houses Hertford Road.

Saturday 1st May - 8pm Love Music Hate Racism gig at The World's End, Finsbury Park with the Counterfeit Beatles (flyer attached)

Sunday 2nd May - ALL OUT FOR BARKING Unite Against Fascism Day of Action
Stop Nick Griffin's bid to become Barking's MP and the Nazis taking over Barking/Dagenham Council; meet from 11am at Jazzie Jake Restaurant, North St, Barking, 1g11, nearest tube BARKING. for more details call 07969 630056.

Please email to confirm what events you can attend.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Dudley celebrates multi-culturalism and rejects the race hatred of the EDL

On Saturday a number of coaches travelled from across the country to show solidarity with Dudley as Unite Against Facism held "One Dudley Many Cultures".

The carnival was brilliant with a wide range of speakers from Trade Unions and the inter-faith forum including David Walker, Bishop of Dudley, Cllr Pete Lowe, Lye & Wollescote, Khushid Ahmed, chair of Dudley Muslim Association, Steve Beardsmore, Unison, Jim Warner, Dudley Trades Council. Also, we were kept entertained with Dj's, drummers and other musicians.

In contrast, the EDL were marched to a disused car park on the edge of town. There were several violent clashes as they attempted to break through police lines to run riot through the town. Witnesses describe hearing several vile anti-Muslim chants from the EDL, including: "If you build your f—king mosque, we'll burn it down."

Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of UAF, said: "Today was a success for anti-racists and anti-fascists. The EDL were forced to huddle in a car park on the edge of town. They showed their true colours when they unsuccessfully tried to break out and run riot. In contrast UAF and local anti-racist groups mounted a powerful show of unity against the EDL and their friends in the Nazi BNP.

"The policing of today's events in Dudley stands in sharp contrast to tactics used in Bolton two weeks ago. There the police marched the EDL into the centre of town and attacked the anti-racist protest. In Dudley the EDL were not allowed into the town centre and the anti-racist protest was allowed to go ahead unmolested. The authorities should take note when policing future such events."

From Dudley news - EDl begin to riot and get out of the police kettle, whilst police stand by:

Video of the EDl rioting and the police condemning the EDL, also showing the UAF peaceful demo:

All who oppose EDL need to take a stand. Join Unite Aganist Facism and get involved.