Thursday, 26 March 2009

Organising meeting

Last night we had out first organising meeting. Despite low turnout, we created a solid plan for the months ahead.

The plan includes contacting MPs, MEPs, councillors, trade unions, community and faith, groups. We hope to achieve the broadest possible coalition of groups to join our campaign to increase publicity and effectiveness.

We also discussed plans for a live music event in Ponders End and an acoustic open mic night in Palmers Green.

If you would like to get involved in our campaign to stop the fascist BNP. Please contact us via or call 07794690091

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ponders End leafleting

On Saturday, a group of five UAF members targeted the Ponders End area of Enfield. The BNP had held a stall in this area - so we decided to take action.

The response from local people was extremely positive. Hundreds of UAF tabloid papers were given away with election info leaflets.

We also publicised our public meeting in Palmers Green, taking place Wed 25th at 7pm. Details of the location are on the previous post.

The second meeting to be held by North London UAF, will hopefully be in the Ponders End area, so that we can stand up to the fascists in an area they are stating to gain confidence in - judging from the public reaction we recieved - hopefully that situation will be shortlived.

We are many, they are few.

If you live in the Ponders End area of Enfield and would like to get involved, drop a line to 07794690091 or an email to

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Enfield Public Meeting

Please come along to our first public meeting in Enfield. We need to get organised to smash the BNP and stop them campaigning in our area.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday 25th March @ 7pm.

The venue is United Reform Church in Palmers Green. Burford Gardens, Palmers Green, London N13 4AL

view map here

At the meeting, we will discuss how to organise locally, in the run up to the European elections on June 4th. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

BNP fundraising in Wigan

The BNP are planning a huge fundraising event this weekend in Leigh. Nick Griffin will be attending the "Pure" Nightclub in an attempt to drum up funding for the BNP's European election campaign.

We need to send the message that their racist ideology isn't welcome in any part of our country.

To do this we're going to do something a little different - we're uniting with a number of local community figures to write to the local paper, the Wigan Evening Post.

Our letter is clear and simple - it says that the vast, vast majority of people reject the BNP's disgraceful and damaging lies. But to prove our point we need your help. We're asking our supporters to co-sign this letter as well - so instead of three or four people sending a message, hundreds of people will.
Just imagine the impact of a letter going to a local paper with that many signatures. Read and then co-sign the letter now -

The BNP will be rolling out all the stops for this event. But we need to expose the truth behind their lies - and with hundreds of us endorsing this statement, what better way is there to do it?

We need your help to make this happen - co-sign the letter and then invite your friends to do the same.

We had an amazing response to our petition to stop the BNP's march in Liverpool. We won because we united and took action - we need to do the same again.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

UAF Statement

‘For evil to triumph all that is necessary is that good people do nothing.’

We call, as a matter of the greatest urgency, for the broadest unity against the alarming rise in racism and fascism in Britain today. The fascist British National Party now has a record 54 councillors across Britain.

They are poised to field candidates in the 2009 European parliament and local government elections in what they hope will be the biggest electoral assault ever mounted by the far right in this country. The BNP is now trying to present itself as a “respectable” political party. In fact it is a fascist party.

Currently they seek to attract votes on the basis of racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and the vilification of refugees and asylum seekers. But fascists also stand for the expulsion of black and Asian people from this country, the destruction of the trade unions and the elimination of basic democratic rights.

We believe that this dangerous situation requires a new and united response from all those dedicated to freedom and democracy. Now is the time for all of us to combine our forces and unite in a broad and common front against this common threat.’